日本式ドラッグストアーショップ「TUNA」社長インタビューCorporate Interview with Ms.Yoshiko (Eng/Jap Version)

In the meantime, 「TUNA」 are lucky enough to have a wonderful interview with Johor Bahru local Japanese Ms.Yoshiko.

Ms.Yoshiko have been living in Johor Bahru since March 2014 and she is working as a food consultant and coordinator to build a bridge between Japan and Malaysia.

We are honored to have an interview with her to share our company culture and introduce ourselves to more and more Japanese in Malaysia, and hope that we are able to contribute more to Japanese culture at local Malaysia in the soon future.

Interview content by Ms. Yoshiko listed as below:

I never thought the day would come when I wouldn’t be able to go back and forth between Japan and Malaysia easily.

I am able to buy most of the products I need in Malaysia, but I often wish I could buy small items such as medicines and cosmetics at a drugstore in Japan.



In the meantime, a Japanese-style drugstore online shop “TUNA” from Johor opened.

The president and all of the staff are Malaysian who know the quality of Japanese products.

The great thing about this company is that they purchase products from Japanese wholesalers and sell many products in Malaysia at almost the same price as in Japan.

They buy the products, load the boxes into 40-foot containers tightly packed like a puzzle with no gaps between them (they calculate the size of the boxes to the nearest centimeter), bringing them to Johor Bahru, taking orders and delivering them to each customers.

They try to cut down on transportation costs, tariffs, labor costs, advertising costs, and other costs as much as possible in order to sell their products at a lower price to their customers, and I heard that they have recently received inquiries not only from individual customers, but also from mail order companies and Singapore to sell their products.






In fact, I have known the president of this company for over 6 years now.

On my first temporary visit back to Japan after I started living in Johore, he was on his way to Japan for a family trip, and we met before and after the plane ride, and it just so happened that he lives nearby.

We happened to find out that he lived in the neighborhood.

I believe he had been traveling around the world with various business ideas since then, and he wanted to start this Japanese-style drugstore business with his friends to share the beauty of Japanese products.





It’s nice to be able to buy Japanese products on the affordable price, and I thought I’d be confident in telling you about his sincere personality and what’s in his business, but now that we’ve gotten a handle on the soft launch, we’re finally able to stock and sell more than 100 different products in earnest. I am writing this article to let you know.


We interviewed Mr. Hendrey Lim, President of BLUEFIN INTERNATIONAL SDN.BHD, and asked him 9 questions!

今回、このTUNAの運営会社である、BLUEFIN INTERNATIONAL SDN.BHD の社長、Hendrey Lim氏にインタビューを行い、9の質問をしましたよ。

Q1. Please give a brief overview of TUNA

Ans: TUNA Malaysia is a online Japan style drugstore in Malaysia. We now have more than100types of famous and popular Made-In-Japan products in our line-up and we are going tomake it to over 1000types of products crossing Supplements, Cosmetics and Infant Products in the time that soon to come to fulfil the needs of the Malaysians market.

Q1  TUNAの概要を教えてください。

A:  TUNA Malaysiaはマレーシアのオンライン日本式ドラッグストアです。私たちは今、メイドインジャパンの有名な商品、人気の商品を100種類以上そろえています。


Q2. There are many drugstores in Malaysia, why did you decide to start TUNA?

Ans: When our team first went to Japan and saw the full products line-up drugstore at

there, we found that the selection of the products in Malaysia local market was too little and narrow. And that’s also why our slogan #MalaysiansDeserveBetter been found. In the domestic Malaysians market, we don’t have too much choices of the products selection compare to first world country due to the price and the income level. So we think that we should try our best to take over the best quality products in an affordable price to our dearest Malaysians. We try to do that with our company culture and spirit #ThinkOutOfTheBox , we think that we shouldn’t minimize our abilities first before we try anything. Do the things with a different way, thinks a solution out of the box. TUNA can swim to everywhere, and of course we can make everything happens!

Q2 マレーシアには、たくさんのドラッグストアブランドがすでにありますが、なぜTUNAを始めようと思ったのですか?

A: 私たちのチームが最初に日本に行って、ドラッグストアの全商品ラインナップを見た時、マレーシア内のドラッグストアは、日本と比較して、品ぞろえや商品の選択肢がとても少ないことに気づきました。

そして、このことは私たちのスローガンである #MalaysiansDeserveBetter が生み出された理由でもあります。



私たちは社風と精神 #ThinkOutOfTheBoxでそれを実現しようとしています。




Q3. What is the origin of the name TUNA? Why was it named TUNA?

Ans: A strong Bluefin Tuna can ride the waves and speed across the sea. And just like the mighty Bluefin Tuna, our mission at TUNA.MY is to present & deliver some of the best & most popular products across to distance in the fastest way to our dearest customers.

Q3. TUNAの名前の由来は?また、なぜTUNAという名前がついたのでしょうか?

A: 人気のある偉大なBluefin Tuna(クロマグロ)は波に乗り、海をスピーディに駆け抜けることができます。



Q4. What were the difficulties in opening the business?

Ans: We had been facing a lot of problems since we starting the business, such as looking for the supplier and manufacturer when buying the stock in Japan. But luckily enough, we had met our business partner who is a general medical company in Japan, and we do register a partnership company at there to make sure our suppliers trusting on us and also giving our customers guarantee that all of our products are 100% authentic from Japan.

Q4. 開業にあたって苦労したことは何ですか?

A: 私達は、日本で商品を仕入れてビジネスを開始するにあたり、仕入れ先やメーカーとの交渉など、多くの問題に直面しました。(外国人が日本で一からビジネスをはじめるには常に困難が伴います。)


日本のビジネスパートナーと日本国内で登記した会社を、サプライヤ―との取引会社とすることで信用を得ることができ、また、TUNAの顧客に対しても、私たちの商品が日本からの 100% 本物の商品であることの保証を得ることができました。

Q5. What are some of your best-selling and most popular products?

Ans: Our best-selling products is the Ryukakusan, a very famous and popular product of Japan which is a herbal medicine towards the throats problems. We sold more than 1000pcs over just a month. That was amazing. Beside of that, we also have a few series of Japanese beauty facial mask such as Hadabisei 3D masks and PDC organic matcha or sake masks that was really selling fast on our website.

Q5. 最も売れている商品や人気のある商品は何ですか?

A: 一番人気の商品は、日本で有名な商品、喉のトラブルに効く漢方薬の、「龍角散ダイレクト」です。(水なしで飲める顆粒状の飲む漢方)

私達は たった1か月の間に、1000箱以上を販売しました。



Q6. Besides online shopping, how do you sell your products?

Ans: Besides of the online shopping, we are also doing as a distributor to sell our products all over Malaysia on any platform, please feel free to contact us if you are interested to our products.

Q6. オンラインストアで個人客に販売するほかに、どのような販売ルートがありますか?



Q7. What do you do to sell your products at a low price?

Ans: Since we have a partnership company in Japan, we are able to purchase our products directly to manufacturer or certified supplier in Japan as a wholesale price, so we can provide our local customers in the retail price that same as Japan’s market or even cheaper!

Make sure you fly to Japan without buying any luggage quota next time, because what you bought there, you can also find it in Malaysia that provide by us with a more cheaper price.

Q7. 商品を安く売るためにどのような努力をしていますか?

A: 日本に提携会社があり、そこが日本国内のメーカーや問屋から直接卸価格で商品を仕入れているので、日本の市場と同じか、あるいはもっと安い小売価格で、マレーシア国内のお客様に商品を販売することができています。


Q8. What are the comments and opinions of customers who have purchased the product?

Ans: Beside of providing the products that customers rare to see in Malaysia market with at a absolutely low price, we are also ensure our customers the fastest delivery time by choosing the fastest courier in entire Malaysia. We also ensuring that our products are all in stock, and when customers bought our products, they don’t need to wait them ship from overseas, we can provide them local to local.

Q8. お客様へのPRポイントを教えてください。






Q9. What is your vision for the future?

Ans: We are planning to build a Logistic Transportation Hub (LTH) in Malaysia to giving more efficiency logistic service and distributor service to transfer our Japanese products to Malaysia and other countries in South East Asia and Middle East. Beside of that, we are also planning to open 30-50 shops all over Malaysia in the next 3-5 years. We wish that what we working now can make the Japanese products will be easier to get in hand in the time that soon to come.

Q 9. 将来のビジョンを教えてください。

A: 私達はより効果的に商品をお届けするために、マレーシアに物流輸送ハブ(LTH)を造ることを計画しています。




What did you think?

I’m hopeful that he has the integrity to accelerate the business more and more, and that he’ll continue to follow his vision.

I will continue to support him.




We are always happy to discuss with you about the supply of attractive products from Japan and purchasing in Malaysia.


B&T Diversity Sdn.Bhd ( CEO) Brains and trust, Inc.( President) Food consultant, Coordinator, Writer

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