Fujiko Pon Pon Powder 8.5g


Fujiko Pon Pon Powder 8.5g

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Country of origin JAPAN
Size Diameter 40 mm × height 65 mm
Product description It is a powder type hair item that arranges the hair. Just to ponpon touch the hair to make fluffy hair. Give a natural volume. Powder containing plant-derived ingredients absorbs sebum in the extra scalp and hair.
How to use Just use on oily hair. Apply to scalp and hair.
Scenes When the hair that spreads with moisture, the sticky hair in the evening, when wanting volume, when the hair can not be washed, when the smell of the scalp is worrisome

Say goodbye to head oil in 10 seconds! Absorbs excess oil from the hair, leaving hair fresh and plump, not dry.
Revised and new listing. A new version of Fujiko pon pon powder is released.
It retains the original ability to absorb scalp sebum, give the hair a fluffy effect, and the original popular fragrance, and then improves the moisturizing power and deodorizing power.
With skin-friendly ingredients, it can be used freely on hair and body. Just need to pop out, instantly create fluffy hair and eliminate odors all over the body.

When to use it: When you worry about hair and scalp oil and odor, before wearing a hat that easily collapses your hair, when you want to refresh and rejuvenate the hair that broke out at night, when you are worried about your body odors such as underarms, soles, and privacy. It can also be used in areas that sweat easily such as the hairline and the back of the neck.

Use fragrance to suppress odor.

 Effects vary from person to person.

How to use: Puff on the hair or oily position or pat lightly for 5 times.

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