Deonatulle Soft Stone W For Men 20g


Deonatulle Soft Stone W For Men 20g

Brand Made in Japan

【Features 】

  • Active ingredient “yaki alum” prevents odor and suppresses sweat
  •  Fine-grained “yaki alum” adheres to the skin
  • Contains the active ingredient isoprovir methylphenol. Sterilizes the odor causing bacteria.
  • Anti-greasy ingredient *Combined to make it smooth and comfortable

【How to use 】

  • Rotate the bottom of the stick and roll out about 1 cm.
  • Apply evenly to a clean, dry armpit 5 to 6 times.
  •  Close the cap tightly after use.

【Other ingredients】

cyclopentasiloxane, stearyl alcohol,

POP butyl ether-1, sorbitan sesquiisostearate,

hydrogenated castor oil, menthyl glyceryl ether, menthol, sericite,

spearmint oil, hydroxyapatite, low temperature Calcined Zn oxide, Zn oxide,

natural vitamin E, Waremoko extract


*Results from the use of cosmeceuticals product above may vary depending upon the consumer and will depend on multiple factors which includes an individual’s age, gender, skin type and condition, mixing use of other products, health history, lifestyle, diet and others. Kindly refer to the dosage & administration on the

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